• Protect Yourself from Sports Injuries
    If you’re an athlete, you must be proactive about protecting your feet from a sports injury. It is possible to practice and play games at high levels of activity without Read more
  • The Cause and Treatment of Bunions
    Bunions are a very common foot problem that results from a deformity of the metatarsophalangeal joint at the base of the big toe. The most common sign of a bunion Read more
  • What is Plantar Fasciitis?
    Heel pain is one of the most common foot and ankle complaints. Sometimes it is temporary and caused by everyday issues like wearing uncomfortable shoes or spending a long day Read more
  • Foot Injuries Can Take You Out of the Game
    Your feet and ankles are important assets. Just think about what you do with them: run, walk, jump, dance, skate, play ball, skip, hop and just stand still. Plus, if Read more
  • Nerve Pain Treatment
    Your body tells you when something is wrong. For instance, while some nerve pain is idiopathic--that is, there's no identifiable reason for it--most neuropathy comes from real problems with your Read more
  • What Can I Do About Bunions?
    Do you recall when your Grandmother complained about her bunions? While a sore, reddened bony bump at the base of the big toe often happens as we age, younger people Read more
  • How To Deal With Sports Injuries
    Are you anxious to get back on your feet after a sports injury? Returning to your activity too soon can delay healing and even worsen your problem. Dr. David Blumfield, Read more
  • Causes Of Heel Pain And Treatment Options
    Heel pain and arch pain is commonly caused by inflammation on the bottom of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is this inflammation of the connective tissue known as the plantar fascia. Read more
  • How to Get Rid of Bunions
    Find out how to manage your bunion symptoms and when to know whether surgery is necessary. Many people have bunions, but catching it early is key to preventing the issue from Read more
  • When You May Need An Ankle Replacement
    Has your life become less active due to chronic ankle pain? A total ankle replacement may ease your pain. Dr. David Blumfield, Dr. Michael Mineo, Dr. Jorge Matuk, Dr. Maria Read more
  • Reasons You May Need an Ankle Replacement
    How your podiatrists in Houston can help your ankle Your ankles are an important part of your body. When your ankle isn’t functioning properly, your ability to walk is impaired, and Read more
  • The End of Seasonal Sports Doesn't Mean an End to Athletic Injuries
    During the season, practices, tournaments and games take up most of an athlete’s time. However, an athlete’s work is never done. After the season ends, off-season training takes place. Due Read more
  • How to Treat Nerve Pain
    Discover more about nerve pain and your treatment options. The nervous system is made up of nerves and cells that transmit messages to and from the central nervous system (brain and Read more
  • What To Do If You Have Bunions?
    Bunions--people think they're something older people had in the "old days." However, researchers indicate that more than one-third of the Western population currently have this bulging malformation of the joint Read more
  • What to Do For a Sports Injury
    Knowing how to handle a sports-related foot injury right away will prevent long-term consequences. While no athlete wants to think about injuries, unfortunately, they are all too common. Luckily, your Houston, Read more
  • Why Does My Heel Hurt?
    The heel provides much-needed support and balance to your foot. When your heels are painful, walking, running or even just standing for too long can be a major chore. There Read more

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