Causes Of Heel Pain And Treatment Options

Heel pain and arch pain is commonly caused by inflammation on the bottom of the foot. Plantar fasciitis is this inflammation of the heel painconnective tissue known as the plantar fascia. This connective tissue stretches from the base of the toes down the arch of the foot to the heel. At Podiatry Associates of Houston in Chimney Rock, Memorial City, Katy and Willowbrook, TX, with the help of Dr. David Blumfield your arch or heel pain can be resolved once and for all.

Causes of Heel Pain

This occurs when the foot rolls inward constantly when walking or running. This causes the foot to flatten, lengthens the arch and puts added strains on the plantar fascia itself. Over a period of time, this causes inflammation and then heel pain.

Some risk factors leading to heel pain include:

  1. Age
  2. Intense activity
  3. Genetics
  4. Overweightness/Obesity
  5. Certain jobs (on feet for extended period of time)

A podiatry office in the Houston area can offer an in-depth heel consultation that provides treatment options for your heel pain. The most successful treatment plan for heel or arch pain is one that is customized for each particular patient.

Treatment Options for Heel Pain in Chimney Rock, Memorial City, Katy and Willowbrook

Firstly, rest is the best treatment option as it allows the inflammation to reduce in the foot. Other conservative measures such as anti-inflammatory medications, stretching and icing has helped some patients. However, in more severe cases, orthotics and physical therapy may be necessary. For the most extreme cases, a treatment method known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment may be used to treat your heel pain.

Podiatry Associates of Houston with the help of Dr. Blumfield can offer you a thorough consultation that seeks to provide pain relief. For more information on our heel pain treatment options, call one of our Chimney Rock, Memorial City, Katy and Willowbrook, TX, podiatry offices in the Houston area today.

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