Sport Injury

Effective Approaches for Dealing with Sports Injury In Houston, TX

Your feet and ankles are always hard at work, especially if you are athletic or play sports. If you are physically active then you know just how important the health of your feet and ankles are for your overall movement and functionality. When an injury occurs, our team of podiatrists is ready to help you get back on your feet and in the game again.

Treating Sports Injuries

Football and basketball players are extremely prone to foot and ankle injuries, while runners, dancers, and gymnasts are more likely to experience stress fractures. If you’re experiencing a sprain or strain, symptoms may include swelling, bruising at the injured site, pain, and difficulty bearing weight on the foot.

If we diagnose you with a foot or ankle sprain, or even just a strain, we will recommend rest and limited activities (no heading out onto that field until your injury has fully healed. Doctor’s orders!). You will also want to ice the injured area for the first two days, as it can help with inflammation. Elevating the foot, even at bedtime, can help to decrease swelling. If the pain worsens or doesn’t respond to at-home care, it’s time to turn to our podiatry team.

Preventing Sports Injuries

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent foot and ankle injuries while also enjoying your athletic endeavors. Here are some ways in which you can protect the health of your feet and ankles while also remaining a star player.

Never Forget to Warm-Up

Once you get on the field, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement; however, make sure to always take 10-15 minutes to do jumping jacks and warm up your body beforehand. Also, light stretching is recommended to limber up your muscles and joints before the big game.

Condition and Prepare Your Muscles

You mustn’t overdo your exercise routine right away. Instead, gradually build up your workout to increase muscle strength over time. Don’t rush your progress. It’s also necessary to condition and train the muscles throughout the year before getting ready for game season.

Wear the Appropriate Shoes and Protective Gear

You don’t have to deal with pronation or low arches to benefit from special footwear. Participating in any sporting endeavor warrants the use of shoes that will support your heels and ankles and make training easier. Find shoes designed specifically for your sport, since these will promise support where you need it most.

Be Vigilant on Uneven Surfaces

While it’s important to train on the surface you’ll eventually be playing on, it’s equally as important to be careful when running on rocky or uneven surfaces. Loose gravel can also cause problems, especially for runners. Always try to find the best running surface, even when out in the elements.

Prevent Reoccurrences

If you’ve already experienced a sports-related injury, the use of a brace or tape may help prevent injuries from flaring back up. Talk with our podiatrists about the proper way to brace or tape your foot or ankle to provide additional support.

If you are dealing with foot or ankle injuries, our podiatric team here at Podiatry Associates of Houston specializes in sports medicine. We provide locations in Chimney Rock, Memorial City, Katy, Willowbrook, and Woodlands, TX, to serve you better. To schedule an appointment with our team, Call Us Today at (713) 666-0287.