• Protecting Yourself from Sports Injuries
    Are you a sports enthusiast--runner, tennis player or martial arts expert? If you are, you must protect your feet and ankles from sports injuries. At Podiatry Associates of Houston, our Read more
  • Common Sports Injuries and How We Can Help
    If you play sports, injuries can be a common problem, especially with high-impact sports. Your feet are especially vulnerable because they absorb a lot of the impact. The podiatrists at Podiatry Read more
  • How Your Podiatrist Can Help With Your Sports Injuries
    Have a sports injury? Sports injuries are injuries that occur while you exercise or play sports. The most common sports injuries are fractures, dislocations, sprains and strains, and Achilles tendon Read more
  • Protect Yourself from Sports Injuries
    If you’re an athlete, you must be proactive about protecting your feet from a sports injury. It is possible to practice and play games at high levels of activity without Read more
  • Foot Injuries Can Take You Out of the Game
    Your feet and ankles are important assets. Just think about what you do with them: run, walk, jump, dance, skate, play ball, skip, hop and just stand still. Plus, if Read more

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