What To Expect After Bunion Surgery

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What Can You Expect After Undergoing Bunion Surgery?

Bunions are big bumps that emerge near the big toe joints. In some cases, bunions can be ignored because they aren’t actively getting in the way. However, taking action is recommended if your bunion is now impeding your movement and/or causing pain.

In all likelihood, you will need to undergo surgery to remove your bothersome bunion. So, what can you expect after that procedure is finished?

For starters, you will have to limit your activity during the first few weeks following the surgery. Your foot will likely be in a cast or some kind of protective covering. Getting household chores done will be next to impossible so make sure you have someone over to help out.

Moving around should be possible three to four weeks after your bunion was removed. Six weeks in, you should be able to resume most of your regular activities. Your foot should be healed by the two-month mark.

Work with Podiatry Associates of Houston to ensure that your bunion surgery is handled properly.

How Should You Care for Your Surgically Repaired Foot?

Recovering from bunion surgery after two months is likely, but you need to do your part to make that happen.

The most important thing you can do for your foot is to rest it as much as possible. Avoid any physically taxing activities that may cause you to put pressure on your foot.

Keeping your foot elevated is also very important. Whenever you lie down to rest, ask someone to put some pillows under your foot. Try to raise it to the point where it is no longer level with your heart.

Elevating your foot in that manner will prevent swelling. Icing also helps with that.

Your doctor may also give you some medication. Follow the doctor’s instructions when it comes to taking medication to prevent potential complications.

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