Common Causes of Nerve Pain

Podiatry Associates of Houston can help you with many physical problems, including nerve pain in Houston, TX. This serious problem is one that can affect many people and cause long-term problems that may linger for years. With our help, you can better understand the causes of this pain and get the high-quality treatment that you want and need to avoid serious physical problems.

Poor Blood Supply

If the blood in your body doesn't flow properly, it might cause severe nerve pain in Houston, TX. This issue may occur due to diabetic complications or other health concerns. As a result, it is essential to work with a podiatrist that can improve blood flow and ensure that your nerves are healthy. This help is critical if you experience numbness in your limbs at times.

Other Conditions That May Cause This Problem

Pain in the nerves may also occur for many other reasons that vary from fairly common problems to less frequent issues. These concerns may include various diseases or unrelated problems that cause similar symptoms. Pain-triggering factors range from:

  • Heavy drinking that causes poor blood flow or brain damage
  • Vitamin B12 or Vitamin B1 deficiencies
  • Medications that may slow your blood flow
  • Infections like shingles
  • Diabetes and other similar problems

It is important to find a doctor that can help with these conditions to help walk back from serious pain throughout your body's nerves.

Get Help For These Problems

Are you suffering from nerve pain in Houston, TX, and aren't sure where to turn? Our team at Podiatry Associates of Houston can help you. Our podiatrists understand this problem and the ways that it impacts you. Contact your podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Houston with multiple locations in Houston, TX, and locations in Katy and The Woodlands, TX for help in dealing with nerve pain. Call for more information today at (713) 666-0287 for the office in Chimney Rock, TX, (713) 467-1299 for the office in Memorial City, TX, (281) 579-0186 for the office in Katy, TX, (832) 912-7792 for the office in Willowbrook, TX, and (281) 849-9891 for the office in Woodlands, TX.

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