How to Treat Nerve Pain

Discover more about nerve pain and your treatment options.

The nervous system is made up of nerves and cells that transmit messages to and from the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to other parts of the body. Your nervous system is responsible for everything from controlling movement to regulating your breath, Nerve Painso you can see how important nerves are and how nerve pain and damage can take a major toll on your health. From the office of your Houston podiatrists, find out how to treat your foot-related nerve pain.

Even though nerve damage cannot be cured, there are many treatments available that can target your symptoms. Since nerve damage will continue to progress, it’s important that you visit your Houston, TX foot doctors when you first start to notice symptoms.

So, how will we treat your nerve pain? Well, a lot will depend on what is causing your nerve pain. The first course of action is to address the problem that is responsible for your nerve pain or damage.

This may include:

  • Regulating your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes
  • Changing your nutrition
  • Altering or stopping medications that could be responsible for nerve damage
  • Recommending physical therapy or surgery for nerve compression or nerve trauma

Medications may also be prescribed to reduce the pain you are experiencing. Some of the most common medications used include prescription pain medications, tricyclic antidepressants or some anti-seizure medication.

Of course, there are alternative treatments and therapies that may reduce your nerve pain, including acupuncture or meditation. These alternative therapies can be great in conjunction with the other treatments your podiatrist in Houston, TX has prescribed for you. However, they should never be your main or only treatment option.

Nerve pain is nothing to ignore. If you are dealing with tingling, stinging, weakness or loss of feeling in your feet, it’s important that you visit our Houston office right away. Trust your foot health to Podiatry Associates of Houston.

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