When to See a Podiatrist for Nerve Pain: Warning Signs

If you’re noticing signs of nerve pain, the team at Podiatry Associates of Houston in Houston, TX, is here to provide you with the most effective intervention and treatment for your needs. 

Signs It’s Time to See a Podiatrist for Nerve Pain 

 Nerve pain is a strange thing to deal with. Sudden bursts of pain, unexplained numbness, and other unexpected sensations can leave you confused about what exactly is going on. Eventually, nerves can become so damaged that you lose all feeling in your feet, which can cause even more issues like injuries and infections. In some cases, it can even lead to the need for amputation. That’s why it’s important to see a podiatrist as soon as you notice something isn’t right. Below, the team at Podiatry Associates of Houston in Houston, TX, share some early warning signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment. 


 Nerve damage doesn’t just impact the nerves. It can also impact your muscles. Some people notice a gradual loss of strength in their legs, while others notice it suddenly when they try to stand or make a move. It can be so unexpected that it causes them to fall. It can also impact your balance and coordination. 

Numbness and Tingling 

 We’ve all felt like our feet have “fallen asleep” at some point, usually after sitting a certain way. Nerve damage, however, can create a pins and needles or prickling sensation at any time. It may feel like something is crawling on your legs or feet. 

Burning, Sharp, or Shooting Pain 

 On the other side of numbness are some painful and uncomfortable sensations. It might feel like an electric shock or like a stab. Usually, it’s worse at night, but it can happen at any time. 

Increased Sensitivity 

 You might also notice your feet or legs are more sensitive than before. Temperatures might feel more intense, or they might be more sensitive to touch at times like when you feel hot water in the shower. 

Unhealed Wounds 

 Nerve damage often coincides with poor blood circulation. Keep an eye out for cuts or sores on your feet that you didn’t notice before, and try to track whether the wounds you do know about are healing. 

If you notice any of the signs of nerve pain shared above, don’t take any chances. Visit the team at Podiatry Associates of Houston in Houston, TX, for a proper diagnosis and early intervention. You can schedule an appointment at our Chimney Rock office at (713) 666-0287, our Memorial City office at (713) 467-1299, our Katy office at (281) 579-0186, our Willowbrook office at (832) 912-7792, or our Woodlands office at (281) 849-9891.

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