Nerve Pain Houston, TX

Nerve Pain Treatment in Houston, TX

When you have a podiatry problem, you can usually tell - whether by signs you can see or symptoms you can feel, unfriendly feet aren't typically tough to find. But what about when your feet aren't sending you the right signals?

Nerve Pain Houston TX

Neuropathic pain or nerve pain often stems from underlying health conditions like diabetes, prolonged use of drugs, injuries, or even chemotherapy. It can be so serious that you don't even feel your feet - and end up having to lose them in the process. That's because amputation is one possible outcome of feet that haven't been properly cared for, which can be a common occurrence among patients who can't feel their feet because of underlying nerve damage!

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Nerve Pain & Foot Problems

Nerve pain and nerve damage will often send misfired pain signals that confuse patients, placing them at greater risk for more serious foot problems later.

But at Podiatry Associates of Houston, patients with nerve pain are treated using the most up-to-date and efficient podiatric therapies available. Some of the leading treatments for nerve pain include:

Nerve Pain Treatments

  • Topical Ointments - Certain podiatric creams, gels, lotions, and patches can help reduce nerve pain, especially when the pain is isolated.
  • Prescription Medications - For patients with nerve pain caused by cancer, opioid painkillers are oftentimes their first choice. That being said, most podiatrists will want to treat patients using anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, or anticonvulsants since opioids can have lasting side effects,
  • Electrical Stimulation - Noninvasive and painless electrical impulses can help block faulty pain messages sent out by dysfunctional nerves. These therapies include:
    • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and
    • rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation)
  • Invasive Procedures - Your podiatrist might suggest anesthesia injections or surgery for treating severe nerve damage.
  • Alternative Approaches - Acupuncture, massage, and even meditation have been shown to help relieve nerve pain in some patients. Some dietary supplements may also be effective; speak with your podiatrist about these options before using them for nerve problems.
  • Lifestyle Changes - Particularly in the case of diabetes, exercising more and eating a wholesome, nutritional diet can relieve nerve pain. Kicking the habit if you have it does wonders for relieving persistent nerve pain as well.

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