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July 03, 2019
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How your podiatrists in Houston, TX, can help you get relief from nerve pain

Diabetes is a common disease, and its effects on your body can be very serious. The disease compromises your immune, circulatory, and nerve painnervous systems, causing circulation problems, and affecting your body’s ability to heal. It also can cause nerve pain, which can dramatically affect your quality of life.

Nerve pain often shows up in your feet, making it difficult to walk, stand, or put on shoes. Along with diabetes, there are other causes of nerve pain, including medications, foot injuries, and other causes. The good news is, you can get relief from nerve pain. The podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Houston offer effective treatment options for nerve pain. They have several office locations in and around Houston and Woodlands, TX, to help you and your feet.

Nerve pain can progress to the point where you might not feel your feet. You can injure your feet and not even realize it. Nerve pain can become so serious it can result in amputations of your toes or feet.

Remember to examine your feet often and take some preventive steps including:

  • Avoiding hot water, electric blankets, or heating pads which can burn your feet
  • Protect your feet with cushioned socks and shoes, and avoid going barefoot
  • Examine your feet regularly and look for any injuries, blisters, or sores
  • Apply topical antibiotic ointment to any open sores or ulcerated areas
  • Bandage any injured areas to prevent infection and protect the area

Your podiatrists can help you get relief from nerve pain. They offer several effective treatments including:

  • Topical creams, lotions, or patches to help relieve pain in isolated areas
  • Prescription medications including anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, or anticonvulsants
  • Electrical stimulation using a TENS or rTMS unit which blocks pain messages
  • Anesthesia injections or surgical treatment for cases of severe nerve pain

Alternative treatment options which can also help with nerve pain include therapeutic massage, acupuncture, dietary supplements, exercise, and dietary modifications.

You don’t have to be sidelined by nerve pain. Get back on your feet by calling the podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Houston, with offices in Houston and Woodlands, TX. Call today and help your feet!

April 19, 2019
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How your podiatrists in Houston, TX, can help with bunions

If you have noticed a large bony bump on the side of your big toe, chances are that you have a bunion. These foot deformities are caused Bunionsby the friction of toes rubbing against the inside of shoes, a presence that causes continual irritation, and eventually, bunion formation.

For those of you with bunions, there is good news is: the podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Houston offer several effective treatments to relieve bunion pain and get rid of the condition altogether! With several convenient office locations in Houston and Woodlands, Texas, we are here to help you and your feet feel better!


More about Bunions

Bunions are a common problem. In fact, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over half of the women in the United States have suffered from them! If you have a small bunion, there are a few things you can do to get relief. You can try:

  • Placing an ice pack on the bunion several times during the day
  • Using padding or inserts inside your shoes
  • Taping your foot and toe to support the bunion
  • Switching to wider, more supportive shoes
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication

Large bunions can cause severe pain, so it’s best to seek out professional treatment from a podiatrist if you have one. At Podiatry Associates of Houston, your podiatrist will perform a comprehensive examination of your foot so as to determine the level of bone involvement. Your podiatrist will also develop an individualized treatment plan which may include:

  • Custom-fit padding to reduce friction
  • Custom-fit footwear to reduce irritation
  • Custom-fit orthotics to stabilize your toe
  • Removing corns or calluses on your feet
  • Exercises and physical therapy to increase mobility
  • Night splints to help realign your toe and foot
  • Surgery to remove the bunion and realign your toe

If you suffer from bunion pain, get some help from your podiatrist! You and your feet deserve the best treatment, so just pick up your phone and call the podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Houston in Houston, Texas. Get relief from bunion pain by calling now!

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August 21, 2018
Category: Podiatry

Arthritis can quickly affect your quality of life and cause problems performing simple, everyday tasks. Depending on its location, arthritistotal ankle recovery can even cause issues walking and standing. Treating severe ankle arthritis often requires a total ankle replacement. However, understanding your options and when a total ankle replacement becomes necessary can help you take action to overcome your condition and get back on your feet. Find out more about total ankle replacement and what it could mean for you with Podiatry Associates of Houston with four Houston locations in the Chimney Rock, Memorial City, Katy, and Willowbrook, TX, areas.

When is a total ankle replacement necessary? 
Your doctor will suggest a total replacement if the pain from your arthritis begins affecting your daily life and the tasks you perform throughout the day. When the pain is no longer managed by over-the-counter medications or a brace, your doctor may suggest surgery. As with any operation, there are certain risks to undergoing total ankle replacement, but the procedure is generally considered safe and effective after about 25 years of use.

What can I expect from a total ankle replacement? 
The surgery itself takes about two and a half hours, during which you will be completely asleep with the help of general anesthesia. Your doctor will make several small incisions on the front and side of the ankle, then replace the ankle’s joint. After your procedure, you will stay in the hospital for up to three days to recover. You may leave once you can safely walk with crutches or a walker. You will receive medications to manage your pain and undergo physical therapy to ensure that your ankle replacement works properly and strengthen the muscles around it.

Total ankle replacement in Houston, TX 
If you think you could benefit from a total ankle replacement, you should consult with your podiatrist to ensure that this is the best form of treatment for you. For more information on arthritis or total ankle replacements, please contact your podiatrist at Podiatry Associates of Houston with four Houston locations in the Chimney Rock, Memorial City, Katy, and Willowbrook, TX, areas. Call 713-666-0287 to schedule your appointment at the Chimney Rock location, 713-467-1299 to schedule your appointment at the Memorial City location, 281-579-0186 to schedule your appointment at the Katy location, or 832-912-7792 to schedule your appointment at the Willowbrook location today!

By Podiatry Associates of Houston
August 11, 2016
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How your podiatrists in Houston can help your ankle

Your ankles are an important part of your body. When your ankle isn’t functioning properly, your ability to walk is impaired, and your quality of life can suffer dramatically. If you have ankle pain or injury due to a medical condition or accident, there is no need to suffer. Ankle ReplacementYour podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Houston want to share with you some of the benefits of ankle replacement surgery.

There are many reasons why you may need an ankle replacement. Your Houston  podiatrists want you to consider ankle replacement if you are suffering from:

  • Severe ankle fracture from an injury or trauma
  • Severe ankle infection from an injury or medical condition
  • Bone deformation and degeneration from osteoarthritis
  • Bone deformation and loss of movement from rheumatoid arthritis
  • Poor healing or arthritis from past ankle surgery

During your ankle replacement surgery, your podiatrists will remove damaged bone and cartilage in your ankle joint and replace it with a prosthetic ankle joint. The goals of surgery are to reduce pain and to provide better range-of-motion and increased stability when you move.

Ankle replacement surgery is completed under general anesthesia, so you won’t feel anything. Another option is to have spinal anesthesia, where you won’t feel anything below your waist. Your Houston podiatrists will provide a sedative to help you relax.

After the diseased tissue is removed and your prosthetic joint is in place, you may need to spend a night in the hospital. Your ankle will be placed in cast or a splint, and you should keep your ankle elevated to reduce swelling.

As you heal, you will visit a physical therapist to guide you with exercises to help you gain strength and flexibility in your ankle. You may not be able to place weight on the ankle for a few months, and may need crutches to help you get around.

There are many benefits to having ankle replacement surgery, but it’s a decision you shouldn’t make alone. To help you decide on whether ankle replacement surgery is right for you and your ankle, call your podiatrists at Podiatry Associates of Houston with offices in Chimney Rock, Memorial City, Katy, and Willowbrook, Texas. Call today and get back on your feet!

By Podiatry Associates of Houston
May 31, 2016
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During the season, practices, tournaments and games take up most of an athlete’s time. However, an athlete’s work is never done. After the season ends, off-season training takes place. Due to this busy schedule, the feet may be the last thing on an athlete’s mind. However, preventing athletic injuries from happening in the first place is just as important as treating them after the fact. Learn more Ankle Injuriesabout foot and ankle athletic injuries with help from your Houston, TX podiatrist at Podiatry Associates of Houston.

What are some common athletic foot and ankle injuries? 
One of the easiest ways to prevent athletic injuries is to wear the proper shoes for the sport you play. Replace your shoes once they begin to show signs of wear or at least once a season. Be sure to stretch and properly warm up before any physically strenuous activities like practices or games. In high-impact or very fast-paced sports, all the tackling, fast starts and stops, jumping and running easily causes trauma or overuse injuries to the foot or ankle. Common sports-related injuries include:

  • tendonitis
  • plantar fasciitis
  • sprains
  • stress fractures
  • bunions
  • turf toe

What should I expect at my examination in Houston? 
A regular examination begins with a physical exam, during which your doctor will probably want to gather information about your lifestyle, sport, medical history and family history. Imaging techniques like x-rays and MRIs help your podiatrist see inside of your foot and ankle to find abnormalities in their bones, muscles, tendons and other connective tissues. Your doctor will ask you questions to get to the root of your problem. Together, you will work toward a diagnosis and determine the right treatment plan for you.

How are sports-related injuries and conditions treated? 
Your doctor will probably begin treatment for existing conditions with conservative treatments like rest, ice and elevating the foot. If these treatments prove unsuccessful, injection therapy, custom-made orthotics which fit inside of the shoe or a brace may be more beneficial to your condition or in preventing further injury. In more severe situations, your doctor may recommend foot or ankle surgery to correct your condition.

For more information on keeping your feet healthy this season, please contact Podiatry Associates of Houston in Houston, TX. Call (713) 666-0287 to schedule your foot examination today!