What To Do If You Have Bunions?

Bunions--people think they're something older people had in the "old days." However, researchers indicate that more than one-third of bunionsthe Western population currently have this bulging malformation of the joint at the base of the big toe. Swelling, pain, overlapping of the big toe over the second and third toes--these are just some of the podiatric issues arising from bunions.

Do you have bunions? If so, Dr. David Blumfield and his associates at Podiatry Associates of Houston can diagnose and treat this bothersome condition. Dr. Blumfield is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgeons.

The Causes of Bunions

The painful bulge characteristic of bunions comes from a few sources:

  • excessive pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint
  • tight shoes
  • overuse
  • obesity
  • hereditary foot structure
Experts at the Cleveland Clinic indicate that shoes with a very narrow toe box are the major contributor to bunions. As such, women who wear very pointed shoes and heels higher than 2 inches more readily develop Houston bunions.
Treatment of Bunions
Dr. Blumfield and his team recommend several strategies for relieving the symptoms of bunions. They include:
  • soft padding to keep the metatarsophalangeal joint from rubbing against the inside of the shoe
  • custom-made or over the counter orthotics, or shoe inserts, to correct overpronation or other problems associated with how a person walks
  • well-fitting shoes with good supportive soles and wide toe-boxes
  • losing weight
  • ibuprophen for pain and reducing inflammation
  • removal of hard calluses and corns
  • toe splints to help move the joint back into proper alignment
Failing these, your Houston podiatrist may advise a bunionectomy. This surgery removes soft tissue and bone at the base of the big toe, effectively re-aligning the joint into a more favorable position. Dr. Blumfield is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, expert in operating on bunions and other foot problems.
Don't Grin and Bear It
Living with bunions can be extremely uncomfortable, impacting quality of life and activities of daily living. If you are suffering from bunions, explore your treatment options with the team at Podiatry Associates of Houston. The friendly staff can set an appointment for you at one of their 4 area locations.
In Castle Rock, call 713-666-0297. in Memorial City, call 713-467-1299. Phone 281-579-0186 in Katy, and in Willowbrook, contact 832-912-7792.

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